XLR microphones, need recommendations

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May 27, 2008
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I have a TASCAM US-122L, a pretty cheap external soundcard, but it works fairly well. It has two XLR inputs, and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on what brand/model microphones to get.

The TASCAM has support for XLR mics with and without Phantom power. From what I've read I believe phantom powered mics are seen as more "proffessional", but they are often more expensive.

I'm looking for a $100-$200 range microphone for recording vocals and guitar (though I don't need perfect audio for the guitar part).

Any hints?
Phantom Power is needed to use Condenser Mics but this doesn't make it professional at that point. But you are right, condensers are mostly used in studios. Condenser Mics sound better than dynamic mics as they do not need do generate as much current as dynamic mics (which don't need phantom power) and therefore the capsule doesn't need to be as massive as by dynamic mics and so it can produce a better sound. That's the basic difference.
But nevertheless, dynamic mics have a right to exist as they are very resistant (compared to sensitive condensers) and especially for electric guitar amp - micing, the shure sm 57 is T H E classic. Dynamics are also used to mic drums (except the cymbals, as they have a lot of highs, so condensers are used) as they have more punch.

There are different types of Condensers, small diaphragm and large diaphragm.
While L. D. are used for vocals and sometimes for room-micing, S.D. are used for acoustic guitars, cymbals, choirs and such things as violins.

That was the theoretic stuff :)
So, if you want to use the mic live, you'd better take a good dynamic (maybed the classic shure sm58?), if you just need it for production you can take a condenser.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you which models are good there, I only have a rather cheap large diaphragm mic (THE T.BONE SC450 - U.K. International Cyberstore).
But that should make it easier to understand the differences :wow:
Wow! Thanks a lot for the info! The Shure SM58 is at a perfect price point for me, so I'll probably get one of those. If I at some point manage to get hold of this thing called "talent" I will look into getting a condenser mic or two :)

Again, :thankyou: !!!
I think that's a good decision. These shures are really reliable and the sound is, as mentioned before, simply legendary. :grinning:
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