01-03-08 - 14-03-08 March DJ Contest

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Ladies and gentlemen, the jury has finished with their voting and we got a result!

Again, a big THANK YOU to all participants, it's been a real pleasure! :) This month we even got a tie for first place (and a 3-way tie for second place, wow!), so we had to do a re-evaluation to find out the winner... Nevertheless, we got a result!

And the winner is:


Your set will be played April 2nd (Wednesday) at 15:00 CET (calendar event link)! Good job mate!

Everyone remember that there is a new contest in April, we are taking submissions from April 1st to 14th, therefore we are open for submissions again! Let's keep the sets coming!
Seems like there's much talent around here as you tell about those ties :) Less than 48 hours left, I can't wait!
:grinning: congratz Andy!!!!!
congrats andy. welcome to the winners club ;)

i recon we should have a badge on ah lol.
ok guys, this is what some of our staffers had to say bout the submitted sets:

1. nice, good transitions
2. nice prog, not so good transitions
3. nice selection, decent transitionss
4. banging set, good transitions
5. decent kinda cheesy, good transitions
6. nice classics.. trance ftw, decent transitions!
7. nice set, transitions kinda messy.

Set 01:
Some volume/balance issues with a couple tracks. All but a couple were vocal tracks, most of the horrible variety.

Set 02:
Fairly low key/energy, mixing seemed to be minimal "fullness". Generally less filling.

Set 03:
Had some good energy tracks, mostly melodic throughout, but somehow nothing special.

Set 04:
Fairly mediocre, not particularly memorable. Unlikely to get a replay in my playlist.

Set 05:
Did Markus submit a set for this contest? This felt like him throughout. Good track selection - lots of vocals, but they contributed to a deep, chill mood. A good set.

Set 06:
Had some big sound tracks in it. An interesting selection, seems to like tracks with some unusual sounds. Over the Rainbow was a dramatic and horrible end.

Set 07:
Not spectacular, but solid. Welcome lack of vocals, some good bouncy tracks. Had the only driving club track (Platinum I think) in the whole contest.

if you participated and want to know which number you had, send me a PM :)
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