01-03-2007 Adam Meza Presents Dose Of Trance - March Mix (afterhours.fm)

Adam Meza

Sep 11, 2006
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Oh boy oh boy do I have lots of goodies for you guys! :choon: written all over it!:)

Start times:

18:00 (EST) CANADA
23:00 (GMT) UK
00:00 (CET) EUROPE

Adam Meza Presents Dose Of Trance - March Mix (afterhours.fm)


01. Marscruiser - Not Alone Tonight (Blake Jarrell Remix) [CD-R]
02. Flash Brothers feat. Tiff Lacey - Stay (Noel Sanger Remix) [Coldharbour]
03. Arctic Quest - Black Smoke [Armind]
04. DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (Ronski Speed Remix) [Mondo]
06. Eddie Sender vs. Ronny K. - Singularity (Original Mix) [Equilibrium]
07. JamX & De Leon - Elektrisch (Mark Sherry's Outburst Instrumental Mix) [Fate]
08. Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Stereomovers - Connected (Ignas Remix) [Yoshitoshi]
09. Carl B - Just A Thought (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
10. Michael Dow - Ascent [CD-R]
11. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene - Louder (Jon O'Bir Remix) [Armind]
12. 8 Wonders - Sex On The Beach (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
13. Greg Downey - The Instigator [Discover Dark]
14. Robert Gitelman vs. Michael Tsukerman - Memories From The Future [Beat This]
15. Airbase - Garden State [Somatic Sense]
16. DJ Eco - Light At The End (Lost World Remix) [Lunatique]
17. Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Paul Moelands Remix) [Flashover]
18. John O'Callaghan - Split Decision (Dan Reaves & Neils von Ahorn Mix) [Discover]
19. Lemon & Einar K - Autumn Radicals [Flashover]
20. Carl B - Cursed [Fraction]
21. Robert Nickson - Motion Blur [ASOT]

I'll try too tune in as much of the show as I can, Ill be in class right now!:lolz:
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Yap, tuned in. This all tunes is so sweet. "JamX & De Leon - Elektrisch" ollll yea:lmao: . I stay to the end :) As yet good job Adam :)
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Obviously, after other part of globe all sleep already, i see night behind window :) But in the US, dont know. Where's you people?
There it is! Soo many goodies! :choon: It was hard trying to figure out what to put on the show! :love:
Thank all you guys for tuning in! This is probably my best show up to date!:heartbeat: But theres still more to come! See yall next month!:ah: