01-03-2011 Abuzz - Turbulence 036

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давай к нам в оренбург в гости приезжать поиграешь)а то нормальный трасс ни кто у нас не гоняет! только минимал,техно и драм)
What wonderfull vocal that was! :love:
Hehe reached 1,5K have to congratulate myself :lol: Nobody's around :lol:
Ch00n incomin :dance::dance::dance:
anzager, с удовольствием! )

Zdarova, BangTidy :)

Lainfan, I like it too :iagree:

Thank you for tunig in, boys and girls! See you next month! :choon::dance::super:

Abuzz - Turbulence 036

1. Crimson - When Life Begins
2. Tritonal feat Cristina Soto - Lifted (Mat Zo Remix)
3. Cerf & Mitiska & Jaren - Another World (Dennis Sheperd Remix)

Heart of the set
4. Bart Claessen feat. Martens - The Man Who Knew Too Much (Original Mix)

5. EDU Feat Aelyn - Taken Away (ProgressiveR Remix)
6. Erick Strong - The Monster
7. Matthew Asplay - Studio Of Humility
8. MLV - Gan Eden
9. Will Holland Feat Jeza - Start Again (Juventa Remix)
10. Defcon Audio - Theme From Defcon (Sulaco Remix)