01-04-2008 George Vemag - Waves of Euphoria 029

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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The unique experience in progressive and trance scene! GEORGE VEMAG promises to continue the unexpectable radioshow with fresh tunes from the future of dance music! This radioshow includes mixes from the biggest names in trance,techno and progressive and offers you the expected quality!

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here we go.... Hi guys and girls ;)
TuNeddddd!!!!! Hi George & Picco!!! :)
kick off with 01) Endforest - By the sea (Shifted Reality remix)
Haven't been on ah.fm for the last several months now. Great to be back!

Tuned in. :)
02) Rafael Frost - Autumn Monday (Original mix)
here we go.... Hi guys and girls ;)

Hey George :hug:Greek Ah addict here :grinning:

I' ve heard u spinin on Luv hun and I had a really great time! I m so sad cause I can't tune in right now but I m here to support and check the PL :)

Cheers and see u around :hug:

:super:And Greece is spinin ppl:super:
Hey there :)

Enjoying the beats and looking around :) See you later on ...

Hey Mike, great to see you here. Loving your music, especially the remix of Emphase. One of the forefront tracks of the last year for me. :grinning: