01-04-2011 Seven Ways - Vision Of Trance 031 with Ian Betts' Guest Mix

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later Squall:hug:sleeping session now,eh?:mask::lol:
1442 Listeners : end-of-set : Seven Ways - Vision of Trance 031 w Ian Betts on AH.FM : merci * thanks * dank je wel !

:clap2: Seven Ways :grinning: Canada :super:

Seven Ways
Seven Ways
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Real Name : Francois Turcotte

Location: Québec City, Québec, Canada

Ian Betts
Ian Betts
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Real Name: Ian Betts

Aliases: Airspace
In Groups: Ayana, Neotechnic

Location: London, United Kingdom

01-04-2011 Seven Ways - Vision Of Trance 031 with Ian Betts' Guest Mix

Hour 1: Seven Ways

01. INSERT NAME – Point of Impact
02. WEEKENDS HEROES – Black Ops (Daniel Portman remix)
03. SLUSNIK LUNA – The Sun 2011 (4 Strings remix)
04. TAYLOR & CLOSE – Come With Us
05. MICHAEL DOW – The Prayer
06. PAUL TAYLOR – Underdog feat. Andy Mason
07. OVNIMOON –Galactic Mantra (Liquid Soul remix)
08. GIAN CARLO – Extraversion
09. ONOVA - Archipelago
10. LIAM WILSON – Reon (Nick Sentience remix)

Hour 2: Ian Betts

01. Nick Rowland "Monolith" (Original Mix)
02. Signum "First Strike" (Alex Morph Remix)
03. Running Man pres Fifth Dimension "Somewhere" (Haris C Remix)
04. Absence & Heartbeat "For You" (NoMosk Remix)
05. Hemstock & Jennings "Mirage" (Ian Betts Remix)
06. Ilya Soloviev "Mercury" (Original Mix)
07. Solex feat. anon. vocaliste "Test Drive 2010" (Estigma Remix)
08. Exclipse "Thunder Bay" (Sunset Mix)
09. Chakra "Love Shines Through" (Alex Morph Remix)
10. Jaden Merrick "Fixate" (Sandeagle Remix)

:clap2: :thankyou: :good2: :replay: :grinning:​

:clap2: :thankyou: :good2: :replay: :grinning:​

:clap2: :thankyou: :good2: :replay: :grinning:


I will come more often on the forum . i promised !

See you !!
Great set from Ian :)
Unfortunately missed Seven Ways' set but from past experience and looking at tracklist I can safely vote for Massive :) :replay: