01-05-2007 Amex - Emotions 002


Apr 2, 2007
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Amex presents Emotions 002

1st Tuesdays Monthly

EST: 12:00 - 13:00
GMT: 17:00 - 18:00
CET: 18:00 - 19:00

Amedeo Gaspari,also known as Amex, has clearly already earned his place in the trance scene. When he was only 14, Trance caught his attention from the first beat, and it hasn't weakened a bit since. It's not only music, it's a life style.
Born in Mirano, near Venezia, in 1986, he moved when he was only 3 to a little town near Milano.

"I was always attracted by the calm and the tranquillity, and I'm very happy to live in a so peaceful town, where I can reflect and find the peace I need to exprime my self" he said.

Amex begins to compose music in 2002 in his own bedroom, developping his taste for trance music. He walks a long way, beginning, as usually happens, with simply softwares based on pre-produced music loops, learning step by step knowledge about music production, creating the first works in unsleepless nights spent in his little studio; time goes by and Amex begins to see something of special in what he does.
He understands music is something of special, a way to exprime his emotions, music becomes one of the most important reason of his life. He's ready to start promoting hismself, sending his works around to labels and djs... not too much time, and he signs his first contract.

Today he is one of the true youngest rising star of the scene; his releases received support from top djs like Armin Van Buuren (Tune of The Week @ Asot's Radioshow), Paul van Dyk, Sander Van Doorn, Super8 & DjTab, Solarstone, Mike Shiver, Jon O Bir, Dj Shah... and he is going to release on prestigious labels like Armada Music, Bonzai and Alter Ego, the cream of trance music.
But Amex is not only a producer but also a talented dj; he partecipated at the biggest italian trance event, Emotional Planet, in the new year night, in one of the most famous italian club, La Fortezza, in Florence and he also started two new radioshows, with worldwibe range, on Afterhour.fm and Magame.pl.

Amedeo says: " I love what I do. I love composing and producing music, is something I do first for my self. Then, if people love what I do, if labels ask me to release what I produce, well, it's awesome! But music for me is something of very personal, something that talk about me."

A special Hello to everybody! I'm sorry if I've opened this thread a little bit early but today I'm going to leave for a little vacation, so I'll be not online 1 May when my show will be on air.
Anyway, it will be a fantastic episode, with new tracks from new JES album, KYAU VS ALBERT, ELEVATION, RANDY BOYER and also my forthcoming new releases on Real Music and Bonzai Music. So, don't try to miss it! The tracklist will be uploaded at the end of the show by Dan... Bye!

1) Jes - One Moon Circling
2) Cerf & Mitiska feat. Jaren - Light the Skies (Retrobyte Classic
Electrobounce Mix)
3) Deep Skies - Little Bird (Mike Koglin Remix)
4) Elevation - Blinding Truth
6) Enmass - CQ (2007 Randy Boyer vs Kristina Sky Remix)
7) Ian Carey - Wake Up (Gala Remix)
8) Amex vs Saint Rush - Distant Worlds
9) Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Re:locate Remix)
10) Amex - Spirals
11) Amex - Back In The Sun (Saint Rush Remix)
12) Kyau vs Albert - Always a Fool
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I'll be tuning in. thx Amex, listened to a few of your other sets, great work. Thanks for making those hours massive for me.:p
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Amex!! vai Amedeo che sei una forza!
light the skies tune!
Back, safe, in the arms of fate, I guess I lost my way
Forgetting voices, and leaving them to yesterday
Back, safe, in your arms today, like I've never been away
I made my choices, I'll place my heart in your hands again

lovely track this one too !
Deep Skies - Little Bird
Hey, this is another track (Cass - Little Bird) that I know Dan likes... gotta go post it in the Birthday thread. :)

Edit: Cass or Deep Skies?
nice start
bravo Amex,very smooth mixing and excellent tracks \o/
stai andando fortissimo,doing great!
I really like this part,. the smoothness, and great progressions. Who's track is this?
:) ill post tracklist when show will be done :)
veramente bravo!
thanks very much for playing the show,grazie mille :)