01-07-2008 - 14-07-2008 July DJ Contest

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Today i have a Name-day and it will be nice present from ah.fm if i win the contest :)
Cheeers :)
submission line is now closed :) thanks everybody for submitting :)
Same here software mixer, i'm waiting until august
Is it time yet?
soon :)
still waiting for the last votes to come in, few more days
Ladies and gentlemen, the jury has finished with their voting and we got a result!

Again, a big THANK YOU to all participants, it's been a real pleasure! :) Many of the scores were pretty close together this month, however the winner could be clearly seen...

And the winner is:
Ian Russ !!


Your set will be played August 6th (Wednesday) at 15:00 CET (calendar event link)! Good job mate!

Everyone remember that there is a new contest in August, this month hardware and software mixed sets, we are taking submissions from August 1st to 14th, therefore we are open for submissions again soon! Let's keep the sets coming!
second place went to REECH and third place went to a'ndY
and here's the comments from the jury. as always, if you want to know which set was yours, drop me a PM :)

Set 1
beautiful tracks in the first half, pretty good mixing, tracks after about 40mins didnt quite fit imo

Set 2
mixing a little off, im sure with some more practise this will improve, track selection after 15mins or so was nice

Set 3
didnt really like the track selections on this one, decent mixing

Set 4
excellent mixing for the most part, got a bit loud around 31mins during that transistion, tracks pretty good but prefered first 30mins overall

Set 5
decent mixing, seemed to take a few different directions thru the set, pretty good overall

Set 6
quite a chilled out start, progressed nicely, well mixed

Set 7
beatmatching good just need to work on timing a bit i feel, enjoyed first half more

01. decent.
02. great selection, mixing was awful though :(
03. mixing was crap... :)
04. start was boring but about 14 mins in started getting good...
05. banging mix with great mixing..
06. everything before captured sun was awful.. good tunes started at 33 mins..
07. sounds quality just awful at 23 mins.. selection of track = boring.

Melodic start. Vocals hit at track three, but surprisingly I don't mind them, despite their high-whine content. The whining starts in earnest at 20m. La Guitara at 35m livens up a pretty flat stretch while still keeping things relaxed. A little What You Need around 46m, but I didn't need it. Merely decent the rest of the way. Overall, it didn't carry me along, and there were some jagged bits.

Pretty energetic start (10m). Still pumping at 33m, but the tracks all sound very much the same. Just as I notice that, something memorable comes on at 38m. First vocals at 41m. Odd track with Churchill on vocals in the final 10m, but surrounded by epic synths. First half was MLS-inspired, but it kind of fell to pieces at the most important part, the end.

Opener reminded me of a 80s crime drama theme. Not a complaint, just sharing. Second track is excellent. One of very few tracks this month that stood out enough from its set-mates that I always noticed it. Fourth track is an interesting mix of TTD. Hard bridge sound, but best chrorus melody of any TTD mix I've heard. Fifth and sixth tracks take us back to TV-land again. Track seven lacks sufficient melody for my taste, reminds me a little of MIDI generated sound. Eighth had more life, but still a little techy... And then track nine is some light-hearted vocal piece? Interesting track choice. Overall not really my style.

Starts with some suitably moody tracks, with some nice sighing vocals. Problem is, the set peaks at 15m with my favourite track of the July sets - meaning that everything that follows is a disappointment. The vocal track that follows is nice actually, but everything until 52m has no umph. Overall, enjoyment decreased as set went on.

Starts with bells, huge sound to open with. Some vocal mess up next, before losing inspiration in the next few tracks. Couple dirty-sounding pieces before an interesting vocal. Track has some drive, and the vocals are strangely compelling. The next track continues the dirty, yet driving middle stint of this set. At 48m we start to bounce again, the set bursting back into melody for the final quarter.

Starts soothing, waves on a beach. Ah yes, can't have the beach without a piano tune. Emotional start, right into the poignant vocal track next. Next couple tracks decently melodic. Gets a little darker at the middle marker. Then melodic, then touching... a little uneven. Overall, decent.

First 10m are great, then the energy dies, and we suffer through some '80s heartbreak guitar' piece for 5m. Next few tracks are still subdued, but nicely melodic. It hits the wall at the halfway post, the track doesn't work imo. The second half was thoroughly unfulfilling, filled with tracks that should lead into something different, not just another track like it, imo.

NO 1 - Nice set, good mixings but I don't feel the style is appropriate for AH

NO 2 - great choice of tracks, nice flow but the mixing is pretty bad - Stampede in full effect at every transition.

NO 3 - Weird INTRO, made me feel I was at the movies, I thought Darth Vader is gonna show up LOL
Loved the choice of first 2 tracks, too bad AH doesn't play Psy--wth is that track doing in there at 48 minutes? ..its a nice one but doesn't really fit the rest of the set.
What part of Trance or Progressive sets only, people don't understand?...
and mixing is kinda hurting my ears.

NO 4
Nice start - a glitch at 1:49
Good transitions and choice of tracks

NO 5 - we have a winner, great set

NO 6 - first half sleepy time second half better but not good enough
Nice chill start
weird transition - more chillout
and more chillout ..i'm getting cold now
almost falling asleep by now
wooohoo got me moving a little now
hmm on to some electro
feeling the shocks now
I hear uplift trance :-O

NO 7 - track sequence felt a bit inconsistent to me
Congratulations!!!!! :)

which was my set??

P.s. Can i partake in next month?
and here's the comments from the jury. as always, if you want to know which set was yours, drop me a PM :)
let me guess :tongue:

quote 1 - vic, quote 2 - dl, quote 3 - dfx, quote 4 - t4e? :tongue:

congrats to the winner anyway :)
let me guess :tongue:

quote 1 - vic, quote 2 - dl, quote 3 - dfx, quote 4 - t4e? :tongue:

congrats to the winner anyway :)

wrong :mask:
Congratulations Matey :) Well Done.


I shall be entering the next contest. Can't wait
It's freaking great. I'm very happy and excited. :) It means I have to wait for 2 month , before I submit my next mix, isn't it ? :)
Thanks to everyone who involved in it: DJs and AH.fm stuff.
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