01-08-2007 Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 024

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GOD,I think I am died and gone to heaven tonight ....HARD TRANCE wohoooooooo something I would like to hear more often this is just AWESOME!
and I could write OMG all night,
guys,what a banging guest mix you have got tonight!
cheers,much respect,bonsoir by the way!

\o/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hheeyy ! Stella ! long time no see honey ! i'm glad you apreciate this guest !

Well mates... this is the last one....

As usual you could download the entire set in a few hours @ www.karybdeandscylla.info/puretrancepleasure in the download section...

See ya in two weeks for the next PTP !

Cheers everyone !