01-09-2008 - 14-09-2008 September DJ Contest **CLOSED**

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Yeah... have to wait till next month , cause i'm a Rookie here ....
you can still submit today :p

and next month will be software month, usually fills up quite fast, last time was full within 3 days or so :lol:

hahahah yeah well that will give me more time to perfect the mix hahaha, just have to make sure it is ready to upload before the contest even begins :):):p

GOOD LUCK for all those that entered!
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contest is now CLOSED!
Who has won Who has won Who has won :lolz::lolz::lolz::lolz::lolz:

for now Santaclaus, as for the Contest the winner will be announced at the end of the month :p :lol:
Ladies and gentlemen, the jury has finished with their voting and we got a result!

Again, a big THANK YOU to all participants! We got a clear winner :)

And the winner is:
DanielD !!


Your set will be played October 1st (Wednesday) at 15:00 CET (calendar event link)! Good job mate!

Everyone remember that there is a new contest in October, this month both hardware and software mixed sets, we are taking submissions from October 1st to 14th, therefore we are open for submissions again soon! Let's keep the sets coming!
as a certain nameless person did a lot of bitching about the jury's comments last month, none of them gave any comments this month. yay!
well, one set of comments did come in after all.

Set 1:
Pretty good overall, second half more enjoyable than the first. Didn't enjoy opener, is now a little cliche, and first track was a little too hard for the rest of the set. Nice mix of driving versus melodic pieces. Lots of vocals, alternated with drivers.

Set 2:
Started slow. Wonderfully emotive at the 50m mark, but wasn't enough for me to get into it. And how similar were the tracks at 27m and 51m? Very melodic after the 10m mark though.

Set 3:
Starts deepish. Complicated at 15m is dreadful. Improves a little through the middle third. Falling? How 2007. Some of good tracks, but poor vocal choices drags it down.

Set 4:
Started with melody and by 16m has good energy level already. Nice melodic tracks throughout. End was lively, but seemed to slow down a little, like a soft landing.

Set 5:
Start is progressive-ish, first 25m doesn't really excite me. Falling, again!? Falling twice in 6h of music is three times too many. Second half put me to sleep.

Set 6:
Starts with mood. Love the driving tune at 30m. Nice melodic bit at 38m. First half is flat, then turns up the energy at the mid-point, but doesn't quite take flight.

as always, drop me a PM if you wanna know which number you had.
Congratulations DanielD:grinning:

Where is the ranking?
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