01-11-2007 TOP 5 Stats Added


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May 1, 2006
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Hello all, was digging around on mods for VB and decided to add TOP5 stats... they appear at the bottom of the main forum...

If you dont like it you can disable it by clicking:

If you deicde you want it back in click:

comments welcomed...

ps.. i also have disabled the "members have visited AH forum in last 24 hours..."
if any of you really miss that i can always turn it back on.

Thank You all for support.
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nice addition :)
Good idea. A bit cramped but it's nice. I wonder if the top posters will ever change. LOOOOOOOOOL!
i like it
good additionnn
Tomek will be add, that's it :P Those guys have alot of free time to spend :LMAO: Anyway great job!
looks nice! now we dont need to go into members section to see whos top whor8..
I think you made a good decision by changing the top 5 to non-Staff only. :thumbsup:
I removed all staff from it :)
it only effects AH users.. tomek is in lead :P

now he will have to think how much staff really has :PPP let the games begin