02-01-2006 Dj Geri - Trance State 004

jajajaja yes.more hardy and uplifting
set is building nicely now

nice mixing and effects ;)

thanks thanks MagiK :p:
a sander van doorn fan?
mmmm yes,but i like more producers. roland klinkenberg,armin,tiesto,ozgur can etc............
yeah, im enjoying the 2nd half better, but i like the variation though
ok yes.... i like progressive melodic,uplifting,progressive house etc..
Breaking Benjamin.....nice tune.....tyas is remixing everything at the moment!
yes i love tracks and remixes of sean tyas
the last track of radio show
Nice set...glad i tuned in....will catch you next month to see what new gems you have to share with us ;)

nice work....:ah:
thanks magik!!!! :super:
thanks for listening to me
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