02-02-2008 Vision84 - Sound Therapy

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torture therapy :p:p


Have a drink hun! :beer2: :beer2:

hmmmmm nice:grinning:
Unfurtunately AM doesn' want to share, read the post "Have a drink hun!" shouldn' that say "have a drink friends"/// hahahah:lol:
Old tune I think :D
Eheh !!! Lot of memories with that tune :D
ok..i had enough, this is killing the last few brain cells i have left after my horrible week :p:p
enjoy my friend, i am having a whisky:beer2:

:drunk: nice and relaxed now

just checked the Calendar and the home page : :super:

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i'm really frustrated, nothing bloody works out this week :(

at times, things are like that .. .. .. :hug: