02-04-2007 Trance Mix Mission 101 with Macarius


Jun 26, 2006
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01 Flash Brother Feat Tiffy Lacey - Stay
02 Dirty South Vs Evermore - It's To Late
03 Elevation - Blinding Truth
04 Sound Fiction Feat. Kate Cameron - Alive (Soliquid Mix)
05 ID - ID
06 A98 - Solar Winds
07 Dj Shah - Palmarosa
08 Filo & Peri - Closer Now (Luke Terry Mix)
09 Duderstadt Feat. Anita Kelsey - Smile (Duende Vocal Mix)
10 Dj Eco - Light At The End (Lost World Mix)
11 Sied Van Riel - Changing Places (Jonas Steur Mix)
12 Artificial Dreamer Feat. Catherine - It Was You
13 Sequentia vs Amphiby - Kaleidoscope
14 Vision 84 - Highway Central (Nitrous Oxide Mix)

15 Ricky M vs Howard Shore - Evenstar

16 Mr. Sam - Lodestar (Manvel's Closing The Republic Mix)
17 Owen Clark - Definitive
18 Magdelayna - Rings of Saturn
19 Pascal Dafoe - Detroit
20 Alex Monakhov - Feel Lonely
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looking forward to another great set - roll on the 2nd Hundred.
Hello :hello:
Tuned in too
couldn't get a player to work - Hi Everyone
Starting with a brilliant beat it like a continuation from
the great set from last week. - brill
Tuned in and Listening..
Sounds like either Megashira or Smile coming in... I can never tell them apart. :hmmmm:
Oh! A full vocals version of Smile... I didn't know there were vocals other than the "I need to smiiile"...
Hearing this track makes my day, no matter how crappy it's going.

Edit: I just wish the main melody was longer. :rolleyes:
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Trance mix Mission The copy of ASOT :p You are doing very well Macarius
Brilliant show - brilliant tracks - brilliant sound