02-08-2007 Adam Meza - Dose of Trance - August Mix (afterhours.fm)

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Number 14, here it comes!:choon:

14. Tranzident & Peter Dubs - Drift (Daniel Kandi & Mark Andréz Rushed Mix) [Sonar Eclipse]
And her we go with number 15. Sean Tyas pres. Logistic - One More Night Out [A State Of Trance]
:choon: comming up!

16. Nik & Jay - One Last Kiss (Club Above Remix) [CD-R]
Love this bagnin tune here!:super:

17. Nenes & Pascal Feliz - Platinum (Tech Mix) [High Contrast]
We are almost towards the end of the show! 2nd to last will be 18. Ben Gold - Roll Cage (Aly & Fila Mix) [Flux Deluxe] and the last one will come down to 19. Conrad S. - Apologies [Colorful]
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Wanted to thank everyone for listening to my show today! I just wanted to let everyone know what amazing trip Europe was for me, I was gone for an entire month of July, therefore I wasnt able to do a show for that month. But the trip was definately well worth it. My advice to everyone is, see the world as much as you can there is a saying that goes like this "Let the world change you... and you can change the world" its truly amazing what life can offer on the table for you. Make the best of it and be happy while you still can!:) Till then, see yall next month!:loveah: