02-08-2007 Mark Youssef - Audition 011 with guest RPO

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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Mark Youssef Presents Audition 011


Today with a guest mix by Rick Pier O'Neil aka RPO!

Every 1st Thursday
EST: 14:00 - 16:00
GMT: 19:00 - 21:00
CET: 20:00 - 22:00

Please feel free to comment on the show.

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The file being played says Mark Youssef LIVE for Audition 011!

A live set for us today? Woot!
The file being played says Mark Youssef LIVE for Audition 011!

A live set for us today? Woot!

Well, maybe not... all the Audition sets say Live for Audition... which might make me think the show is actually called "Live for Audition" rather than "Audition".

Maybe I think too much. :chair:
From Mark's MySpace:

"Check out his Show Obligation on the first Sunday of every month on www.party107.com from 5 to 7 P.M CET and his new show which is broadcasted exclusive to www.afterhours.fm Audition every first thursday of the month from 8 to 10 P.M CET and both shows has guests from all over the Globe."

So the show is called Audition. But then why 'Live'? :hmmm:
Well, enough about the mysteries of show names...

How aboud these deep sounds in this set? :music:
I was going to ask "Where is everybody?", then I remembered that today is Thursday.

how's the show? I'm tuned into different station :P will be back in an hour :)
hope Mark will post tracklist sometime,this was a very nice set
:thankyou: for playing!
thank u all of all ur sweet comments and thank u too for ur voting for my show as Massive thx a lot and thank u Stella i will post tracklist after a while for me and my guest too :)
RPO Mix Tracklist

1/ Bitmonx Fabio - Deep Sense - original mix - Plusquan Records

2/ Lexicom Avenue - Why R U Here - Saw Recordings

3/ FREq - R.O.T.M - rpo Remix - Iboga Records

4/ Bootleg - UDG underground & I Feel Space

5/ AFK - The Morning Star - Pacific Front Recodings

6/ Rick Pier O'neil - Another World - Garbage Records

7/ ------------------------------------------------

8/ Rick Pier O'neil - One Love - Garbage Records

9/ Rick Pier O'neil - Sense Of Your Control - Xperience Records

10/ The Flame - More file - Soul Mind Records

11/ Rick Pier O'neil - Symetric Sound - Xperience Records

12/ Behind Blue Eyes rumble - Rumble In The Jungle - Zen Mechanics Remix - Iboga Records
Mark Youssef Audition 011 Aug 2007 On Afterhours.Fm

1- Kid Dub and Cozzy D and D Dub - Genesis (Timo Garcia Remix)
2- D-Pulse - Can't Stop The Morning Light (Yvel & Tristan Remix)
3- Cerf and Mitiska jaren - Light The Skies (Eelke klejin Remix)
4- Wombat- Ride Control (Behind Blue Eyes Remix)
5- Rob Lemon - Perfet (Original Mix)
6- Rob B - Don't want me
7- Nick Thompson & James Vickers - Synaptic Sex (4mal & Elvenfox Remix)
8- Jay Lumen - One Week In Paradise (Original)
9- Clubbervision - Paz

for Contact: www.myspace.com/markmourad