02-11-2007 4 Strings - Binary Frequency

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YES!!! new record again!!!

defiently well deserved by 4 Strings :super::thumbsup:
great so far :)

cant recognize any of these songs, soo its amazing :)
Hi, how's my English-but-posing-as-Russian friend today? :)

thanks, things are alright for me. :) Right now uploading some of my sets somewhere not far from here since I don't currently have my own show here, but some people here already been kind of annoyed by my critical reaction about the tunes played, so it's something to show them that I myself wouldn't mind to get mixed someday, hehe.
What about you man? :smile1:
Amazing show, and not a single MOT so far ! :clap:
awful transtion, and this was the easiest tune to mix! i mixed it for my monday show! :)
O'Callaghan & Kearney - Exactly, remix
exactly? :blink: ah, probably dj governor remix :mml: