03-01-2011 Lazarus - Back From The Dead 129 - Emotional Edition Part IV

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Nice an banging:super:
Goedenavond/good evening all! :wave: I hope that this set stays uplifting. :dancing:
1537 Listeners ~ Lazarus - Back From The Dead Episode 129 - Emotional Edition Part IV on AH.FM


:: Dmitry Bessonov - Equator ::

One of my favourite tunes from last year this one :music:

Lazarus - Back From The Dead Episode 129 - Emotional Edition Part IV

1. Jason van Wyk and Vast Vision featuring Joanna - Oceanblue (intro mix) [Alter Ego]
2. Dmitry Bessonov - Equator [Unearthed]

Unearthed are my label of the year again this year btw, second year running :bravo:

Dmitry Bessonov
Dmitry Bessonov
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Дмитрий Бессонов (Dmitry Bessonov)

Profile: Russian Trance & Progressive producer

Original Mix and both the Trance Arts Remix rock on this release, defo one of my favourites to come out of Unearthed. :choon:

Good one, cannot wait to hear Trance Arts Remix.
i will try to listen to this set, i hope i will not get to emotional tonight :cry: :love: heey Laz and rest of you all :hug:
Good stuff.
  • First of all: Tuned. :music:
  • Then: Thanks to aakos and ViRuSuL for the almost 1K congratulation. :friends:
  • Further: This is my 1k-th post.
  • Beyond: Nice tunes, Lazarus, as we could've expected. :super::super:
  • BTW: :hug: to you all, my great ah.fm-family. Really love you...
  • And finally: I am :crazy:, am I? :megacrazy: