03-03-2007 Sound Therapy 010 with Silvio de Vega of Vision84

Silvio de Vega

Sep 25, 2006
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Hello my friends. Tonight you will hear the 10'th episode of Sound Therapy on Afterhours :)

I'ts a special episode for me :)

I have compilled 10 of the best ( in my opinion) vocal tracks since I'm make the radioshows.

So it will be very melodic, trancy and full of beautiful voices.

Hope that you'll tune in my friends...:)

Start: 22:00 CET
first couple of tracks are beautiful
:love: Louder :love: | :love: Your loving arms :love: What's a fantastic tunes ! :)
Cool !!!!!!!!!!:ah:
im liking this vision84 :)
im coding now and this is perfect
and now amsterdam maor levi mix if im hearing correct :love:
Fantastic new Maor Levi Remix of the Luminary "Amsterdam" ;)
Nice Show ;)
omg ordinary moment :love:
ok im totally in heaven
yeah......black is the colour........CHOOOOON
Thanks guys for listening

Hope you have enjoyed the romantic tunes :)