03-03-2007 Tenthu - Moscow Nights 006

06 - great track - as you said.

thanks you are very helpful, saved me asking a question
08 - Another one of your tracks, its great music - brill work
love this brilliant beat - excellent track - best of luck with it.
still laying down a brilliant beat - excellent stuff - sound is perfect as well
09. Sequentia & Amphiby - Kaleidoscope (Original mix) [Cellection] the freshest promo from rather fresh Cellection label from NL
another 2 great tracks - brilliant sound and beat
09. Sequentia & Amphiby - Kaleidoscope (Original mix) [Cellection] :love :love:

cant wait fot its release :)
10. Rest Point - Super String Theory (Original mix) [CD-R]
11. Senses - Silver Aurora (Original mix) [Six:Thirty]
12. Haris C - On The Other Side (Original mix) [Afterglow] this one is on air now
This is brilliant stuff - everyone a winner - excellent work
Great help Tenthu and a great show as well
and still the great sounds are being played - brill - I always
get caught when a vocal is at the end of a great intro
13. Mike Koglin vs. Seventh Heaven - Calling You [Noys]
14. Karybde And Scylla - Free Your Mind (Original mix) [Elevation] << started some seconds ago
I was right it was a very good track 'calling you' or something similar, maybe
Got it Tenthu - thanks - big fan of K & S.

excellent track isn't it?

brill sound and the same excellent beat