03-04-2007 Dj Geri - Trance State 007

dj geri

Aug 7, 2006
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today is the seventh edition of trance state radioshow.progressive melodic and uplifting trance!!!!up the tracklist during the sesion!!!and i presents my new release remix dj deraven -Ebony Angel-(dj Geri remix)out now in beatport!!!! I hope that you like!!!!



I wait for yours review of the set friends :ah: :hello:

DJ Geri Pres. Trance State
First Tuesday of every month

CET 23:00- 01:00


1)Len faki -Rainbow-

2)4Mal presents Square coil -Static noise- (original mix)

3)Super8 and dj Tab -needs to feel- (Wippenberg remix)

4)Deadmaus -1981- (Adam k remix)

5)Simon and Shaker -Plan 9- (original mix)

6)Sultan and Ned Shepard -Together we rise- (original mix)

7)Planisphere -no Sugar added-

8)Origene vs Starsing -Sanctuary vs Taurus- (XDR Bootleg)

9)Richard Durand -Inside my brain- (original mix)

10)Kyau vs Albert and Marc Marberg -Megashira- (original mix)

11)Kyau vs Albert -Always a Feel-

12)Solarscape -Coming down- (Ishido remix)

13)dj Deraven -Ebony Angel- (dj Geri remix)

14)Airbase -Garden State-

15)Alex Arestegui vs Above and Beyond -Discover time- (mush up)

16)Sequentia vs Amphiby -Kaleidoscope- (original mix)

17)Visior and Dark Moon -Beatiful people- (Stoneface and terminal remix)

18)Plastic Angel -Call the Gallaxy taxi- (Martin Roth nu style remix)

19)Carl b -Social Suicide- (TRACK OF THE MONTH)

20)Simon Patterson -Strip Search-
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jejejej hello jellyfish ;-)
great party in Madrid no jellyfish?:wow: madrid no duerme
jejejejje i tomorrow see the photos :motz:
beautiful track solarscape go go go go
thanks :)
mash up!!
thanks jelly ;-p