03-09-2013 Bryan Kearney - KEARNAGE 044, Hour 2 Live @ FSOE 300 Prague

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Jul 27, 2007
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Bryan Kearney
Bryan Kearney
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Real Name: Bryan Kearney

Aliases: Karney, Spunuldrick
In Groups: O'Callaghan & Kearney

Genres: Techno / Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer


Hour 1
01. Iio - At The End (The Scumfrog Remix) | Made Records
02. Grube & Hovsepian - Trickster (Gai Barone Remix) | Coldharbour Recordings
03. SQL & Child - Nootropica | Out Post
04. Groovebox & Blaqwell - Black Magic | Skint
05. Siwell - Get Back | Toolroom
06. Filthy Rich + Prok & Fitch - Time To Jam | Toolroom
07. The Scumfrog - Downtown (DJ Anna Remix) | Witty Tunes
08. Slam - Movement | Drumcode
09. Juan Sanchez - Off Grid (Roberto Capuano Remix) | Octopus Recordings
10. AnGy KoRe - Mato El Gato (Sven Wittekind Remix) | Italo Business
11. Balthazar & JackRock - Forget Me Not (Original Mix) | Yin Yang
12. D-Addiction - WTF (Coming Soon Remix) | Echoes
13. D-Addiction & Major 7 - Drugs (The Remix) | Echoes
14. Sonic Entity - Drums Have Been Talking | Iono Music
15. Side Effects - Insectophobia | Plusquam
16. Unseen Dimensions - One Life | Iono Music

Hour 2, Live @ FSOE 300 Prague
01. D-Addiction - WTF (Coming Soon Remix) | Echoes
02. Peter Plaznik pres. Chemical Content 1 - The Swamp (Jordan Suckley Remix) | Perfecto Fluoro
03. Sneijder & Bryan Kearney - Proper Order | Subculture
04. Bryan Kearney - Mexican Rave (Jordan Suckley Remix) | Kearnage
05. Bryan Kearney - Stealth Bomber (Sam Jones & Will Rees Remix) | Kearnage
06. Sneijder & Mark Leanings - Now Or Never (Original Mix) | Kearnage
07. Neelix - Expect What (Edit 2012) | Spin Twist
08. Allen Watts - Fast Lane (Bryan Kearney Rework) | Kearnage
09. Solarstone - Please (Bryan Kearney Remix / Freesoup Rework / Bryan Kearney Edit)
10. Too Many Artists - Breathe Code Alone (Muhammad Lee Mashup)
11. ID - ID
12. Active Sight - Never Ending (Bryan Kearney Remix) | Kearnage
13. Adam Ellis - Napalm Poet (Original Mix) | Kearnage
14. Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (John O'Callaghan Remix) | Vandit

Bryan Kearney - KEARNAGE 044, Hour 2 Live @ FSOE 300 Prague on AH.FM, 03-09-2013.mp3

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In case you missed it this past Friday, Kearney partook in the finale of the FSOE 300 Celebrations from Sasazu in Prague. That set has been recorded and will be airing in the 2nd hour of this month's show. So if you missed it or want to jam out to it all over again, tomorrow is your chance. Stay tuned. :fishing:

Disregard the "043" next to the banner I edited in, since 043 was last month, not this month. I'm still waiting on Kearney to sort out the new flyer issues for his show's entry in the calendar. Also, at the moment this thread currently isn't numbered, that's 'cause the show isn't upped yet. If the thread title's been edited to 044, that's when you know the set's been uploaded, which it should be sooner or later.
And a little warning I have to issue here, you might be shocked at what you hear after all of this first hour :fishing:

Bryan Kearney - KEARNAGE 044, Hour 2 Live @ FSOE 300 Prague (September 2013):book:


Hour 1

01. Iio - At The End (The Scumfrog Remix) | Made Records
HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo Everyone...!!!! Agree With You Above !!!!! :music: :) :) :)
Hey! :beer2: Oh, and I mentioned a few weeks ago about intending on another visit to NYC Manhattan for this Thursday, well I might have to put that on hold for about 2 more weeks...
Hello Skilly Bong

wow people from all over the world are chooned in for today's show amazing
Ayman Billah, bostero111, Above1stBase+, Dj Skyzer, Dan, MB66, Wojtaszy, Alien Aka. Dj TrAns-X, MaxRS+, MacAlert :wave:
I got to see Bryan Kearney play at this rave in Los Angeles this Saturday, it was very very fun!! (short raver set) only 1 hour!! but he did play his new track "proper order"!!
1022 Listeners ~ Bryan Kearney - KEARNAGE 044 on AH.FM

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Real Names: Markus Moser, Nadia Ali

Members: Markus Moser, Nadia Ali

Profile: dance act, generally producing vocal house

Location: New York City, New York, USA

Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali
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Real Name: Nadia Ali

In Groups: iiO

Profile: Nadia Ali was born in Libya and grew up in Queens, New York City. Nadia's first releases were with the group iiO, notably "Rapture" and "At The End," before embarking on her solo career.

Location: New York City, New York, USA