03-7-2007 Dj Geri - Trance State 010

Better final is difficult!!!!!! :wink:
Armin..... :love:

Great set geri!!!!! :biggrin:
mr geri ownnnzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brilliant set, really enjoy with all those folks here today!!!!! the spanish conquest is hereeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

seee u soon guys, see u next time :hello: :hello:


ooooooooooooooo :congrats: spanish attack.

thanks Jelly :)
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oh goodbye to all of you...have a nice time ...i'm going to eat something ....cya
Great show Geri! Feeling like partying all night after listening to the 2nd half of your set XDDD

:replay: for sure:p
thank you very much to all, to listen to me Set i'm very been thankful

thanks for all Spanish friends ;=0

next month more
pasate x la tienda k han añadido varias camis muy metrosexuales xDDD y luego en el foro es dondo expongo mis ideas, de las cuales pasan xDDD, deberian hacerme mas caso.. a ver si me entero kien lleva lo de los diseños xDDDDDDDDD

si me lo mirare jelly,estaría bién una camiseta de nuestra radio :)
can someone ID the track that is playing... i wanna keep up with his list...??? where is it up too??