04-01-2008 Vitor Moya - Sunset Zone 020

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im playing progressive house and trance in this epsisode!

trance is coming soon!

hope u like it!

waiting for the trance:)

btw Lisbon here- como vai? tudo bem por ai?:)
things are getting harder...

trance's comming! uuhuuuu
great song now!!!

waiting for the tracklist...
good choonage this Friday night :music:
i love when a set starts up with progressive and make its way to trance or harder styles...
Thats it mates!

Thanks for listening to my show!

This is the last track for tonight!!

Here is the tracklist!

Vitor Moya – Sunset Zone 20 (04.01.2008)

1) Moonbeam - Cocoon (Sunset mix) [High Contrast Records]
2) Deadmau5 - Everything after [Cinnamon Flava]
3) Tasadi & Mike Mikhjian - Zeus (Jay Lumen remix) [Curvve]
4) Jaytech - Rhubarb (original mix) [CD-R]
5) Riri Mestica - Intentional (original mix) [Spinach Records]
6) Glenn Frantz - Space bar (original mix) [Deep End]
7) Steve Birch - Amnesia (original mix) [JOOF Recordings]
8) Orange - Something to live for [Camouflage]
9) Jaco & Mixxmaster - Feeling (DJ Nash dirty vocal mix) [Dance DP]
10) Origin - Wide eyed angel (Chad Cisneros remix) [Lost Language]
Parabéns Vitor!
até o próximo Sunset Zone...
see you next Sunset Zone...