04-02-2008 DJ Distant Land - Monthly Fresh Tunes Mix 044

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i know all of u will agree about......

:replay::replay::replay: :replay::replay::replay:

crazyyyy showwwww mr dj!!! u made me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+2! :)

not only sick, i have homework till tomorrow...and how much have i done the last hour? nothing..... :whistle:
yes...could be a firewall issue but i'm not sure...i can still stream from other radio sources though...:unsure:

ok - but then you've to check the differences and: AH has different routes to stream as well. You did try the different servers / music streams alternatives too ? But focus on the differences first, is my guess

( chat or e-mail can be handy, at times ) :lol:
thank you Distant Land for a terrific set ! Me's gonna vote ! :grinning:​
Thx a lot Distant Land, MASSIVE SHOW
Lazarus [808]

Listeners 784

oh come on that was mines.. hahaha!
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thanks all for tuning in and breaking record..

Monthly Fresh Tunes 044 (Afterhours.FM):
01. Mental Infusion - Mind Prison [Deepblue]
02. Lustral - When My Satellite Falls Down (Terry Bones Remix) [Lustral Music]
03. ID - ID [CDR]
04. Frase & Koto - Down To The Wire (Original Mix) [Insatiable Records]
05. ID - ID [CDR]
06. Cape Town - Albatros [Bonzai]
07. Bass Tarts - Summer In Space (Manuel Le Saux 2008 Rework) [CDR]
08. Coby - Blue Sapphire (Peter Dafnous Remix) [Inspired Records]
09. Avenger - Climax (Original Mysty Mix) [CDR]
10. Maor Levi - Lital (Daniel Kandi Remix) [Anjunabeats]

great set except the male vocal tune in the begining :mask: it sucked badly :p
EEK! the male vocal tune is coming.... :lol: but rest of the set was blast! :mml:
ACK! this tune sucks really badly.... :p fast forward it pls...
*pressing skip button furiously* :lol:
ok back to choonies :wub: :mml:
WOOOOOOT *shivers* :lovers:
ya boooks booooks boooooooks xDDDDD boring life xDDDDD soo im off now

see u later hun :kissing2::kissing2:

ok be good and talk to you later tonite :wave: :kissing2:
ACK! this tune sucks really badly.... :p fast forward it pls...
*pressing skip button furiously* :lol:

more criticism like this is allowed..

anyone got more? like your compressor preset sounds like crap redo it, or whatever.. :lol: