04-02-2008 Victoria's Secret 067 with Magik

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i see a clubgirl lurking or it is playdoh?:lol::lol::lol:
02. Rex Mundi - Perspective (Original Mix)
By the might of the Trance Gods! :w00t:

It's the original Mix of perspective! :choonalert::choonalert::choonalert:

Thank you so much magik for playing it! :hug:
shut up :mask:

of course if you're talking about this one now :lol:


from this one the hit are the vocals :)
no matter if are male vocals the lyrics are cool.
just wait 1 second
this isnt tht crappy ass mash up
i'll give this a chance
Im still half dead from the laz set but i still have to strength to wave and say hello! ;)


Yeah he finished it off great his set. But i think Magik might have something up her sleeves.. or up sumwhere.. Im sure she will do g0od. *waves from the king sized bed* :welcome:

is not the smashup. nice surprise :mask:
.... i thought it was the mashup to start with....:angel:
Boo! :mml:
Yo what up