04-09-2007 DreamensioN presents Universal Language 009 feat. guest mix by DJ Abstraction

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It was a good set, I enjoyed it. The vocal tracks towards the end suited me better than the first couple I heard. I'm sure DreamensioN's set was good also, although I didn't get to hear it.

Thanks to the two of you for putting it together! :thumbsup:
how does it look like there :lol: coz if im at heaven it looks like an office :lol:

Funny! :rofl:

If possible, I would that it look like the inside of my car while driving a winding road through lake country with AH pumping from the speakers.

Unfortunately, it currently looks like a basement.
Aaah I almost forgot! Cheers to my sister for doing the voice overs for us! hehe
I had a meeting while this show was playing and friends/co-workers here said that could not be better music to listen to,been tapping feet and fingers all the time
bravo DreamensioN and Dj Abstraction!
cheers for playing ciao ciao ;)