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05-01-2008 Andy Power - Global 10 Dance 033

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Holy sh*** I'm 1st and.......only!!??:) No worries don't need no one to enjoy a good set!!!!
Let's see what's in the chocolate box today!!??..:grinning:
everyone is sleeping yet:lol:

hello franz:hug:
Great thx!! Anyway better than your -1ºc that U have above Stockolm!!:) Here it's sunny and around 19ºc:lol:

I live in the southern parts of Sweden and we have right now... hmmm lets see... -1 :) Awww sunny and 19 degrees sound pretty ok to me :grinning:
Quite a massive set on the air.

Wonder where everybdy is .... I see Dan and Magik on the main page though :unsure: