05-01-2008 Robbie Schwan - In Trance We Trust 072

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Hi Love. (kiss, kiss, kiss) :love:

Let's see. Where do I start?
Broken Christmas Tree bulbs everywhere.
Christmas Tree garland unwound from the tree and stretched across the living room and into the dining room.
Cat boxes are toxic.
Misc small piles of cat shit scattered about. (Because of said toxicity.)
Out of cat food.
Out of water.
Welcoming committee glad to see me.
Little Bobbie all over me purring her little butt off.

I'm glad to be home. :super: :cat:

I was in Houston for training and orientation at my new job. How're you? :hug:

Hi Dustybabes. (kiss) :hug:

Hi Altered. How are you doing? (kiss) :hug:

how did it go?

i'm just great :super:
there are lot of people begging me for a copy of my NYE set (but i'm not giving them out just yet)...apparently it was really awesome...well it was...actually, IS...listening to it again right now :super:

some serious flows of energy going on here :dancing:

When you do decide, I'd love one, Dusters. (kiss) :music::hug::cat:
Hello everybody:wave: Nice music both this set and one before.:super:
hey guys.. sorry for being late, watching the world juniors
OMG!!! What an amazing choooon now :super: