05-02-2008 Dj Geri - Trance State 017

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today is the 17 edition of trance state radioshow.progressive melodic and uplifting trance!!!!.I hope that you like!!!!On the set today, we will hear very nice news !!!! :super: :hug:


the official website of dj geri

MySpace.com - dj geri - barcelona, ES - www.myspace.com/geridj

MySpace.com - Trance State - ES - Trance / Progressive / House - www.myspace.com/ahtrancestate

I wait for yours review of the set friends :lolz: :ah: :music: :)

DJ Geri Presents Trance State
First Tuesday of every month

EST: 17:00 - 19:00
GMT: 22:00 - 00:00
CET: 23:00 - 01:00


1)Dousk -Nails- (Original mix)
2)Deadmau5 -Arguru- (Edxs Sunshine remix)
3)Ercola & Heikki L -Deep at Night- (Adam k & Soha remix)
4)Supüer -Minerva- (Elevation mix)
5)Rex Mundi -Sunrise at Ibiza- (Drive mix)
6)Kennan & Anderson Feat Tiff Lacey -Runaway- (Mat Zo vocal mix)
7)Vincent de Moor -SunFlower- (Vdms 2008 rework)
8)Ascension -Someone- (Signum dub remix)
9)Three Drives -Greece 2000- (Marcel Woods 2007 Mash up remix)
10)Sunquest -Out of ordinary- (original mix)
11)Undercontrol -A Different Dream-
12)Atb -Justify- (Adam Nickey remix)
13)Carl B presents Khensu -Chasing Leaves- (original mix)
14)Cape Town -Albatros- (original mix)
15)Luminary -Amsterdam- (Super 8 & Tab remix)
16)Sequentia -Eclipse- (original mix)
17)Van Gelder -Together- (North Star remix)
18)Talla 2Xlc Vs Sean Tyas -Heart to Heart- (Tyas mix)
19)Lemon & Einar k -Anticipation- (TRACK OF THE MONTH)
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Start Trance State 017 :super:
ok let's hear it :mml:

what Spain bring us:mml:
hello friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let¡s go to listen good music!!!! :grinning:

Hellow Jelly and Lunalunera ;D