05-03-2008 Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 038 with Onova

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i think Sean Tyas has a new Alias:lol::lol:

or maybe this was produced by him:choon:
Onova rules:super:

as Sebastian Brandt:super:

as Airbase:super:

all from Sweden:super:
Some Polish accent for the end! :D Thanks for this great show K&L and Onova of course.. ;) Good night!
And this is the last one mates !!!

Hope everyone enjoy those 2 hours !!!

See ya in 2 weeks for another PTP and another Guestmix...

Have a look @ Pure Trance Pleasure presented by Karybde & Scylla ! in the download section (in a few hours) if you wanna have the entire show and ALL the others... or AH torrent system here !!!

Cheers everyone and thanx for your Massive Support !!!
EXCELLENT SETS TONIGHT ! By Karybde & Scylla AND Onova !
I've just finished to listen the show (I wasn't able to listen live Wednesday) : Massive ! :super::replay:

Same here! :music: Extremely awesome show indeed! :mml: :mml:

Tracks, 8,10, and 11 in the first hour = :w00t: :w00t:

And Onova's guestmix was off the charts incredible! :super::super: