05-04-2011 Jordan Waeles presents Destination Mainstage 017

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Thump thump thuuump
:LMAO: :lol::lol::lol::lol: should i reply u? :ee:

hi there :beer2:

I present you "The Banana Guerrillas":

Definately massive set :bravo: :replay:
Sorry, my neighbour passed by with some questions :p

Here is the complete playlist:

01. Aakash Apoorv - Whales (Wellenrausch Tribute To 2003 Remix) [Oceanus Records]
02. Hemstock & Jennings - Mirage (of Hope) (Ian Betts remix)
03. A.r.d.i feat Irena Love - Memories (Air Night Remix) [Silent Shore White]
04. Sandeagle - Haliaeetus (Warpfuz Remix) [Trance Allstars]
05. Suprano - Paraselene (Original Mix) [Silent Shore]
06. Max Go & Chris Lawr feat Cami Bradley - Captivated (Type 41s Emotional State Remix) [Fuzion Four]
07. Ferry Corsten - Radio crash (Original Extended)
08. Gian Carlo - Extraversion (Original Mix) [Pharmacy music]
09. Ian Booth - Enigma (Original mix)
10. Swartz & Schulner - Fata Morgana
11. Simon Patterson - Thump (Original mix)
Download this ah.fm dj set! Check the download link in the first post of this thread! \o/