05-06-2008 DSI - Tranceformation 009

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I like it ! :mml:
Hi iniqui

Rather busy here at work today which is a good thing:)
ok :)
and now ... time for smoke :)
i'll be back ;) :mml:
TranceFormation 009: From Russia with Trance with DSI
01. Abstract Vision - Oceans (Aquile & TB remix) [Abstraction]
02. ID - ID [Exclusive for TranceFormation]
03. Abstract Vision - ID [Abstraction]
04. Zetandel - You're Beautiful [PROMO]
05. Darkalbedo - Can't Help Myself (Paul Vinitsky Remix) [CD-R]
06. Katya First - Krilya V Boy (M.PRAVDA Remix) [CD-R]
07. Cosmic Gate ft. Roxanne Emery - A Day That Fades (Shifted Reality Remix) [Black Hole]
08. Abstract Vision - Feels Like Heaven (Filimonov & DSI Feels Like Hell Remix) [National Sound]
09. Aurosonic - Solar Breath (Ferrin Low Remix) [PROMO]
10. Elite Electronic - Tears of Gods [PROMO]
11. Bobina - Where Did You Go? [World Club Music]
12. Aquile & TB - Self Killer (Abstract Vision Remix) [Abstraction]
13. Dolouros - Autumn Rain [CD-R]
Not a hockey fan, I take it?
Ohh, yeah....haha, sorry.....yeah it was awesome in that respect :grinning::super::super: I'm a very new hockey fan - never really got into it before - much more a baseball person myself - but my friend at work got me interested in hockey more recently and I've been starting to follow the games more closely. Actually starting to understand the sport now (although there's still a lot of times I feel clueless). Was definitely a good time to get interested in hockey in Michigan!! So yeah, that part of the night was awesome - have some other stuff going on in my life right now though that really dampened the excitement of last night - hence my less-than-enthusiastic response to your question. :)
Very Very Big Thanks 2 Victoria for SUPPORT =)