05-11-2010 Johan Gielen - Global Sessions November 2010

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Jul 27, 2007
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PST: 10:00 - 11:00

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Johan Gielen
Johan Gielen
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Real Name: Johan Willy Maria Gielen

Profile: The big breakthrough for Johan Gielen came in The Netherlands with the rise in popularity of the famous Dutch trance sound that would conquer the entire world. Being resident of the world largest trance event Trance Energy he played the enormous Jaarbeurs in Utrecht with a 20 thousand people capacity and on top of that came his appearance on Sensation White in the Amsterdam ArenA. There he played for a 35 thousand dressed in white audience on a massive party that could easily be labelled as the worlds leading dance event. Due to Gielens capability to get large crowds of people dancing he became a well received guest at big festivals like Dance Valley and Mystery Land as well.
Johan Gielen started DJ'ing at the age of 17 in his homecountry Belgium.

Aliases: DJ Don, Don Joan

In Groups: A Special Person, Abnea, Airscape, Allegro, Azzuro Project, Balearic Bill, Blue Bamboo, Boccaccio Life, Body Heat, Bombario, Buzzerr, DJ Don & Svenson, DJ Nation, Dubguru, The, J'N'J, Matanka, Mighty Clubb Cats, Mr. Vinx, Nightwatchers (2), OXY, Party & Slam, Ramses, Rave Crusader, Strawberry Flavour, Summer Madness, Supertronic Co., Svenson & Gielen, T-Phobia, Transformer 2, Vibes Of Rhythm, Virtual Genius, Voodoo Suite

Location: Belgium + The Netherlands

tuned in!
One of my favorites here..
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tuned in!

One of my favorites here..

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ok lets see hows Johan... not so much experience of his sets lately
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Fred Baker
Fred Baker
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Real Name: Frédéric Christophe Arnaud de Backer

Aliases: Ago (3), Bingo Bongo, Black Lips, Bounce Inc., Dance Box, Dance To The Beat, DG-Force, DJ Ba-Back, DJ Pumpy, DJ Spok, Effect, The, Enterprise (7), Flashmen, Frédéric de Backer, Frogman, Groovezone, Human Nation, Iguana (2), Imparata, Intercooler, Piano's Party, Skytronic, Solo (2), Sonar (2), Toxic 101, X-Filter

Location: Tournai, Hainaut, Belgium

Sophie Sugar
Sophie Sugar
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Profile: Trance DJ and producer
Aliases: Saona
In Groups: Sweet Asylum

Love Fred Baker and Saona productions!

Incoming! :choon::choon::choon::choon:
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