05-12-2007 Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 032

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05 - Galen Behr Vs Hydroid - Shift Of The Ages (Original Mix) | Yakuza # PTP TUNE

No wonder the PTP Tune was so amazing, two big producers! Love Hydroid!
No wonder the PTP Tune was so amazing, two big producers! Love Hydroid!

Yeah mate ! a fantastic track indeed ! their first track was a monster ! so this second is too !!!
well i'll tell you what i'm not going to enjoy.... work when this show is over lol

LOL yeah there is going to be a void that needs filling. and only the next PTP will fix my problem! :lol::lol::lol:

Karybde and Scylla are making my trance addiciton worse
Ooops sorry... it's not here... LOOOL
ohhh.... ^^ many thanx Mates ! you're sweet ! Thanx for your faithfullness and supporting us... that motivate us to do our best to please you ! Thanx again !

I just want to see you guys keep DJING. its great to meet people who have a similar love for music espically for trance.

Those two productions were incredible you guys. What your doing insipres me to work on my own music too. So we both mutually can support each other :music:
well Mates ! this is the last one.... i hope you enjoyed those 2 hours !

See ya soon for the next PTP show and have a look @ Pure Trance Pleasure presented by Karybde & Scylla ! if you wanna download the entire show in the dowload section... it will be available in a few hours !

Cheears everyone !
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Thanks for the great show !!! Enjoyed it very much.:replay:
thanks for the music! keep up the good work!
Karybde & Scylla .Feat Alex White - Seeds Of Rebirth (original Mix)

WOW ... what an amazing track ... I'M really impressed ...

I know Alex White personaly and I had the pleasure of being one of the first to hear that melody the first time it was first played by Alex ... you guys did an awesome job with it ! It's pure trance vibes ! And I must say that I'm really proud to know that Alex White skillz are now making it to the big league ! He's nothing more than a genius behind the piano !!! And I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun working with him! He don't play what people want to hear ... he play what he feel deep inside and believe me ... He already made me cry playing piano !!!!

Congrats ... really good collabs

Martin De La Gauthier AKA DJ Twinspin
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Thanx Mates !!! i'm sure you'll hear more collabs from both of us soon hehe !

Alex is truly wonderfull fellow and talented artist !
Yeaahh! Big Thanks to Karybde and Scylla for there awsome work with my melodys ;) i confirm that you'll hear more collabs from both of us soon! and also some production with Dave Nadz!

And bye the way Pure Trance Pleasure 032 is very impressive!!

Keep working guys ;)
Big Thanks Twinspin for your awsome comments! ;) I think that we both of us been musicaly inspired by each other in our carriere and this is not the end my friend. ;)

I hope we will share the stage again ;)
Keep your good work!
hehe thanx a lots Alex for your tremendous melody and huge talent.... More prods are comming soon ! i have no doubts about that because you deverve it ! We love working with different people especially with those who have a heart ! Thanx a lot for being our friend Alex !