06-02-2008 DreamensioN - Universal Language 014

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Marcie is such a nice person too. Now and then she'll give me a promo track to use. :::wub:::
I should do, but I have to book a month in advance and we have a large project on at the moment that's just being rolled out. Soon I will have a break though. :grinning::grinning:

heheh and the next step is fly in Mallorca :)
01 - Fluid Dynamic - NRG [Promo]
02 - PPK - Resurection (Radio Mix) [Perfecto Records]
03 - Salt Tank - Eugina 2008 (Tiesto remix) [White Label]
04 - Steve Birch feat Marcie - Edge of the Ocean (Vicky Devine remix) [Insatiable Records]
05 - Cellec - Love of My Life (Kamil Polner and Sender vocal rework) [KYR Records]
but in spain is still morning too :tongue:

but picco was saying good morning to me even if its not morning here anymore... gotcha? :mask:
I tried to make this set a bit uplifting and progressive. I hope you guys enjoy :D. UL013 was down tempoed and chilled. So I put the energy back into this one for some "Sean Tyas" sounds.