06-03-2011 Indecent Noise - Radio Bosh 014

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Indecent Noise - Civitanova (Will Atkinson and Nick Callaghan Remix)
im gonna need a set list for this amazing set!
Good evening, everyone. :wave::friends: I am recovering a bit after enTrance 2011. :)
hello:friends: did you have fun on EnTrance??
hello mate:friends: tell me more about this party:) did you meet someone from ah.fm?
It was average, in my opinion. 1. Tenishia 2. Arnej 3. Arty - three the best sets. I expected much, much more from W&W. I wrote 'Arena' on a piece of paper - asking them to play it and they 'said' no... :(

Yes. I met melody (once again), PitBullek, some guy and Pankrator, this time. :friends:
Talk to me! :megacrazy: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: