06-04-2008 Veselin Tasev - Digital Trance World 038

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I wonder why on 30th March there was no show :(

we had polonia in the mix, we have special events country based on the 5th weeks of each month. It turned out that last week was 5th week sunday.

sorry :) hugs
05. Energy Reflect vs Arctic Moon - Cold Planet (Arctic Moon Original Mix)

:mask: :super: popular track at the moment ? :lol: :grinning:​
Maxi's rocking the place ! :super:

Happy Birthday man !
:grinning: good evening here Faustus ! :)
:dancing: and on and on the music goes ! :dancing:

heyy denmark :hug: really great set ( I won't mention the weird transition to this tune, I m good hearted and the man has his birthday today !!! :lol:)

Happy b-day man, best wishes :hug:

chooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon :super: