06-09-2007 DJ Revel - Revel's Radio Show 072

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WOOT PERSONAL BEST 400 listeners...

that's awesome hey!! shame 96k servers are still down for some reasons,probably you would get even more if those were up and running !

congrats Revel! ;)
you better get ready for another screenie,as you have now 406 pairs of ears listening to your amazing show

Velvet Sun ftw!! choon and what a piano now :love: love it!
:bow: :bow: thank you lots and lots for playing the show Revel,enjoyed it much,I won't miss the next one
ciao ciao :wave:
Revel's Radio Show, a Thursday must-listen!

That's 406 listeners that GDJB did not have this week. :thumbsup:
thx m8... appreciate it a lot... !!! now Romi - Blue Planet MASSIVE CHOON imo.

EDIT: Romi - Red Planet (not Blue) :)

Good to hear you like Blue.... uh Red planet;)

Thx for the promotion,

-Ron (ROMi, Defiance)