06-10-2010 Angus Gibbins - Subconscious 001

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:: Orjan Nilsen - Lovers Lane [Armind] ::

Sophie Ellis Bextor choon. I would have to say i prefer the van Deynhoven remix the best:):music:

:cap: This definitively was not :crazy: the Jorn van Deynhoven Mix :ee: Lost some (edit) time because I tried to find out and posted a 100% wrong one 1st :lol:
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yeah bummer :( oh well, how far in are we? I cant stream at work :(

hehe - finally the inevitable question: do you have a copy of the T/L ready ? :grinning:​

:: :: Orjan Nilsen - Lovers Lane [Armind] :: ::

Ørjan Nilsen
Ørjan Nilsen
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Ørjan Nilsen

Aliases: DJ Governor, Orion (17), Orjan
In Groups: O & R

Profile: Producer & DJ

Location: Kirkenes, Finnmark, Norway

this sounds familar

sing to me my love
845 Listeners : Catch a Cloud : Angus Gibbins - Subconscious 001 on AH.FM

this sounds familar

sing to me my love

:: Roger Shah & Tenishia ft Lorilee - Catch a Cloud (Tenishia Mix) [Magic Island] ::

Roger Shah
Roger Shah
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Real Name: Roger-Pierre Shah

Profile: German Trance DJ & Producer.
Founded the label Shah-Music with his brother Patrick Shah, aka Pedro Del Mar

Aliases: Airforce One, Audion Project, The, Balearic Session, DJ Shah, DJ Tekkie, Endless Blue (2), High Noon At Salinas, L.J. Miguel, Magic Island, Magic Wave, Paralyser, Pasha, San Antonio Harbour, Savannah (7), SMP (2), Sunlounger, Triballa

In Groups: 3 Years - 3 days, Black Pearl (4), Bonito & Riccardo, Chris & Shah, Coastline (2), Dance United, E-Connection, El Cortez, Epos, F.O.G., The, Global Experience, Growlers, The, Marshah, Mellomaniacs, Nisha (2), North Dakota, Pasha Bros., Purple Mood, S2 (2), Samara (3), Shadi-Men, Shah Ltd., Sonic Ocean, Source, The (3), Terra V., Transit (3)

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Real Name: Cyprian Cassar & Joven Grech

Profile: EDM Producers

Members: Cyprian Cassar, Joven Grech

Location: Malta


No I dont! I thought i knew it pretty well but... alas.... my memory fails me again!
Right here!!! Sorry guys, just had to migrate from Train to desk ;D

wekcome the dj:)