07-01-2011 Mike Solar - Progressive Space 027

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Jul 27, 2007
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PST: 15:00 - 16:00

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07-01-2011 Mike Solar - Progressive Space 027

01. Lukas Greenberg - So Far
02. Nick Warren - In Search Of Silver
03. Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure ("Berlin Calling" OST)
04. Phonique - For The Time Being (Ripperton Remix)
05. The Timewriter - Revealing The Sound (Milton Jackson's Dark Energy Remix)
06. Lukas Greenberg - The Thing Sounds
07. Robert Babicz - Come Closer
08. The Timewriter - Back From Exile (Neil Quigley's Pacemaker Dub)
09. Dachshund - Vapor
10. Paul Kalkbrenner - Mango (Special "Berlin Calling" Edit)
11. Hybrid - Every Word (Beatless Mix)

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has the show already started? That's what it says on my Winamp screen....:/
guess not because I'm hearing vocal trance tunes that would not really fit in this show :p
Thought the show started too early again.
I hope it hasn't^^
I just remembered that it's aired tonight :eek:

uhh, hope Mike continues in 2011 as good as he finished 2010 =)
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i'm here for some prog - deep tunes :mask:
awesome start :music: :music: :music:
interesting start :music: