07-03-2007 Karybde & Scylla Pres. Pure Trance Pleasure 014 !

The piano is breathtaking in this song.
another oldygoldy fantastic great track !! "The sound of Goodbye"... i'm out of breath...

I am out of breath as well guys,what a fantastic show you are playing,I am glad I have tuned in!
in the while,had a look to your website and signed guestbook too
soo nice of you and thanx for being such a faithful AH listener Stella.... you're always welcome to PTP and all the others of course ! it's because of people like you that AH is such a great radio and a wonderfull "little familly"...
Merci beaucoup monsieurs Karybde&Scylla :respect:
thanks very much for playing,been really a pleasure listening to your show tonight
ciao :smile:
sooo, this is the end of another PTP.... thanx to all members and listeners for your support !! you help us becoming better and better in every shows...

As usual you will be able to download the complete session in a few hours @www.karybdeandscylla.com in the download section....

see ya in 2 weeks for another Pure Trance Pleasure.... bye mates !

Hey guys ... AMAZING set , comme à l'habitude !! Nice new prod !! Keep it up :ah: