07-07-2008 Lazarus - Back From The Dead 100

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9. Luminary - Amsterdam (Super8 & Tab vs Smith & Pledger remix - Luke Blanc mash-up) :choon::choon::choon:
11. Super8 & Tab vs Aerium & Jes - Suru, Dolphins, and Everything (Lazarus vs XiJaro BFTD100 mash-up) :music:
13. Will Holland - Timeless (Deepwide remix) [Enhanced] :choon:
Now mixed into:
14. Avanto - The Flute (Airbase remix) [Electric Sauna] :choon:
Incidentally, I'll have hopefully finished the cue for this this week, so I'll be posting it up in cd-friendly files at last! :grinning:

I'll also be sharing the other two mashups very soon as well :super:
iha iha ;)

Can´t get any tired of this set...it´s AMAZING!!!:dancing:
omg turkish bazaar :wow: :choonalert:

this track is badass :):music:
just keeps pilling on layer after layer of energy
Amazing set:super::super::super:
replay .... damn .... the tracklist is HOT !!!! Too bad i have to go soon but damn .... want to listen to the whole showwwww !
Awesome four hours!!!