07-07-2013 Danny Powers presents nu-depth Sessions 049

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Jul 27, 2007
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Danny Powers
Danny Powers
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Profile: DJ, Producer & owner of labels nu-depth recordings and nu-depth digital. Also working on labels such as Discover, Discover Dark, Kill The Lights & Perceptive.


01. Almar – Evening Star (Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland Remix) [Touchstone]
02. Betsie Larkin & Solarstone – Breathe In You (Sneijder Remix) [Premier] (nu-depth Track of the Month)
03. Substate vs Solarsky – Karma (Original Mix) [Borderline]
04. Allan Morrow – Now We Are Free (Daniel Skyver Remix) [nu-depth]
05. Chris Cockerill – Blackjack (Daniel Skyver Remix) [Vibrate]
06. Allan Morrow – Broken (Danny Powers Remix) [nu-depth] (nu-depth Worldwide Exclusive)
07. Holden & Thompson – Nothing (Chris Porter’s Ode To 03 Repsray) [CDR]
08. Chris Hampshire – Ninety Four (Lostly Remix) [Discover]
09. Chris Cockerill & Red Sky – Closing In (Original Mix) [Discover White Label]
10. Peter Plaznik – The Experiment [Discover Dark]
11. Aizen – Rise [Discover]
12. Maria Healy – Chatterbox [nu-depth]
13. Chris Metcalfe – Prospector [Subculture]


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Last episode of the show today before a big celebration happening next month for Episode 050. As usual, this outta be a good one. Keep up to date on latest for next month through Danny's Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dannypowers.nu :fishing:
704 Listeners ~ Danny Powers presents nu-depth Sessions 049 on AH.FM

:mml: tuned in ! :rave:

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