07-11-2007 Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 030

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Frase - Dynamism :super:

Love this track, thanks for the massive show !
and this is the end of PTP 030....
Our websites are online again and you could now download the show, as usual, @ www.karybdeandscylla.com/puretrancepleasure in the download section...

See ya in 2 weeks for a special 2 hours of Classic trance... Cheers everyone !
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Great show guys!
I really like Positive Connexion, something magic about that piano...

I'm currently working on remix, something of an intro mix focusing on the piano, and a bit more progressive. If everything turns out fine then it will be released with the original mix on nellie recordings ;)
replay is on :tongue:

and really nice track now :wub: last one though :whistle:
such a great set! :super: :lovers: