08-01-2007 Peteerson - Trance Up Your Life 005


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Jul 28, 2006
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EST 11:00-12:00

GMT 16:00-17:00

CET 17:00-18:00


01. Marcel Woods - Accelerate (One Mix)[High Contrast]
02. Lange Vs. Gareth Emery - Back On Track (Original Vocal Mix)[Lange Recordings]
03. Blake Jarrell Vs. Dane Cook - Dude I Just Wanna Dance [CDR]
04. Leon Bolier Pres. Surpresa - Bonaire [ASOT]
05. Above & Beyond - Stealing Time (Deep Club Mix)[Anjunabeats]
06. Kyau Vs. Albert - Made Of Sun (KvA Hard Dub)[Euphonic]
07. Daniel Kandi - Nova (Original Rise Mix)[Anjunabeats]
08 DJ Tatana - Children Of Love (Alex Morph & Woody Van Eyden Remix)[Sirup]
09 Carlos - Silmarillia 2007 (Leon Bolier Remix)[Liquid]
10 Ronald Van Gelderen - Realize' (Original Mix)[High Contrast]
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Five and a half hours to go :)
Tuned in !!!! :super:
Back on track cos its a long way back!

Hello Peter :)
hi laan :) i love that track!!! :)

I love this one way more:

Man i was mixing my new episode. I was at 40min and out of nothing my driver instructor called me. I had a driver lession :( I thought i would have it tomorrow. So tomorrow ill have to go for ep2 again :P:
hahaha @ the choon pic!! hate too start over again when you're almost done.. anoying !

There is something wrong with the quality? It sounds a bit thump..
I have to put my volume higher than usually..
03. Blake Jarrell Vs. Dane Cook - Dude I Just Wanna Dance [CDR]

So cool track man !! :love:
could be... had some technical problem with the encoding too mp3.. i'm sorry if it's sounds too bad quality.. :(

Its worse but not too bad :) Nice sounds :love:
Okie bye bye Peter (k)