08-02-2007 Always Alive with Daniel Kandi 001

wooow... There's Always Music... Maarten and Joni did a great job on this one!
Yep Joni is doing so well nowadays!! I managed with Joni and Dan his show on afterhours.fm :) so he gonna play monthly 2h here :)
Good music:joy:
Edit: Not as good as Under_Sun :p
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o m g choon now

You mean
dont worry these 4 tunes played are for the electro ones... next five tunes are for the trancers.. :love:

I like electro too :p I'm not saying this show is bad. It's amazing good! :) :ah:
enjoying the show so far... keep it coming :)
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Untitled Audio (N2o Remix with DK´s Piano Edit)

woot O_O