08-03-2008 DJ Krow - Audile Cuisine

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HI TRANCERS!!! :hug:

Alex MORPH & Woody Van Eyden will always kick asses!! \o/
This is just too delicious for my ears.
^ no no
we're not having deserts just yet :p
How's Krow treating you guys? :music:
w00t...kicked up a notch :mml: :super:
How's that main-course comin people? Hope you're hungry for more!!

So far:
o1. ATB - Made Of Glass
o2. MArtin Roth & Alex Barlett - Off The World (Gareth Emery remix)
o3. Aven - All I Wanna Do (Ferry Corsten remix)
o4. Danjo - As The Tables Turn
o5. Mike Shiver & Elevation feat. Carrie Skipper - Hurricane (Mike Shiver remix)
o6. Sela & Briggs - The Day Will Come (Harris Briggs reimx)
o7. John Askew - The Advent of us (Pedro Delgardo remix)
o8. Albion - Air (Macker's Atmospheric remix)
o9. Mark Pledger & Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh - Fallen Tides (Simon Patterson remix)
1o. Andre Visor & Kay Stone - Something For Your Mind (Guiseppe Ottaviani remix)
11. Lexwood feat. Ferrin & Low - Chimaera
12. The Viceroy - Affirmative Action (Fabio Stein remix)

Coming up.....

You'll find out haha
^i think he does a buffet

Haha imagine ravers going to a gig and each one chooses what tracks he wants to hear :lol: my mate would have all tech, i'd have all uplifting, everyone would be happy! :)