08-03-2008 DJ Krow - Audile Cuisine

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here, and they think we going to get more right into April LMAO :p



which post?

in the enTrance thread, i was watching it live from Poland and i made a few comments, seeing how much freaking useless/pointless comments other people make and they are not deleted, i don't see why mine where :mask:
OMGGGGG what a great picccssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/me isss soooo jealoussssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooh LMAO...the hell with it, i had enough...its nice to look at not to drive in it and put up with the cold :lol:
looollllll maybe u posted a link or something to other stream hahahaha

no lol...i know better than that, i asked what the Anthem was, and posted the times when Sebastian and Sonicvibe came on.....whatever, its not big deal, i just wish there was some consitency...i see a lot of posts for the sake of posting, that say nothing related to the thread, totally useless and unnecessary, and i have examples too but...don't worry about it :)
Playlist is updating now...w00t :mml:
fallen tides :wub: