08-03-2008 Synthika - Digital Blends

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K,I'm hitting the toilet!
Bb in a while...:grinning:
Hell yes man!
This station should play some
proper minimal every now & then...:grinning:

Do u always play that kinda stuff?

this station says trance/progressive, it's the purpose of the station only playing that kind of music.

For that kind of stuff you have another radios Rothgar, and i think this radio should be always like this:)
For the ones who dig a more melodic trancier sound, towards the end of the show it'll be very enjoyable I believe.
ok guys i need to go out, to get some drink supply and a coffee:)

nice track now:mml:
:choon: :mml: :choon:
Cool to hear you're digging the sound! Keep your ears open for the next episode of Tempo Giusto's own show Global Sound Drift as I know he will be playing my remix of this very song =)
Great show so far:grinning:
Lange - Songless
My personal favourite of this episode is yet to come though! :)

Man,u just ruined it
by playing the hyper gay track "Songless"...:mask:
Heeey my fellow listeners :grinning:

This is probably my favourite of the set, liking the deep and kind of mysterious sound :mask:

Yup,it's an alienish track...:grinning: